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When we are all connected, we can change the world for the better. That’s because no matter what some may say: None of us is as strong as all of us.

That’s especially true when it comes to facing the challenge of moving to a world driven by sustainable energy. Throughout history, human progress has always been the most dynamic and innovative when people unite and harvest the power of WE.

This is why we at E.ON are focusing on more than just cleaner homemade energy generation and smarter distribution. We are also empowering people across Europe to unite within their communities to create a greener, cleaner and more sustainable world.

Please check out our inspiring stories and discover the true reason why the ‘WE has no limits’. 

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Creating a better tomorrow – step by step today

Creating, storing and distributing greener energy is one of the greatest challenges of our time. And it is going to need all of us to meet it head on. We have the technology to create a better today and tomorrow for all of us. But there is no single one-size-fits-all magic solution.

Each film in our series tells the story of how ambitious change makers across Europe teamed up with E.ON to overcome their specific energy challenges. And how the world will be a cleaner and greener place for it. Each strategy is ambitious and daring – and it works. Each story proves that if people put work together and combine their ideas, their determination and strength, then WE has no limits.  

Our change maker series

Driving into the future

Electric cars, buses and lorries are here and they need an infrastructure to enable them to reliably take us, and goods, from A to B. Cleaner air in cities, lower CO2 emissions and quieter traffic are benefits we will see and will be possible for everyone as electric mobility starts the journey to being the norm. E.ON with Change Maker partners are ensuring we all have the charging facilities we need – at home, at work and on the go.

Berlin – a city rethinking and reusing for a smarter sustainable future, today

Cities generate a large proportion of the total CO2 emissions, but limited space for solar, wind and other renewable energy sources means that rethinking, recycling and repurposing existing spaces and energy is essential to make a difference. Berlin is a prime example of this, with so many of its world famous clubs, galleries and public spaces being repurposed buildings themselves. 

Freilassing: How a German town rose up to the sustainability challenge

After a flood in 2013, Freilassing enlisted E.ON to help protect their town and their Bavarian countryside by becoming more sustainable. With solar power and their CHP running on biomass and sewage gas, the town now emits 400 tons less CO2 each year – and has a new strong sense of WE. 

Simris: where villagers generate, store and share their own energy

Simris’ tech-loving population turned the Swedish village into an energy self-sufficient island. The residents can now generate, store and share their own wind and solar energy. E.ON enabled this feat of modern sustainable engineering and determination. It proves that the WE has no limits.

Radisson Blu: The Frankfurt hotel using space tech to save CO2

Meet that staff of a city hotel that enlisted space tech and E.ON’s help to sustainably produce 80% of the energy it needs. How? By producing heat and power with its very own fuel cell. Added bonus? Approximately 600 tons less CO2 emissions a year.

Hyllie: The first of a new generation of sustainable smart cities

In Hyllie, sustainability is part of everyday life. The Swedish city of Malmö asked E.ON to help create a testbed district for renewable energy and smart-city solutions. With the power of the WE, Hyllie was born – where artificial intelligence helps heat homes and rubbish is turned into power.

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